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Blog posts : "The Simpsons"

The Simpsons -21x16- The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

The Simpsons -21×16- The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

When The Simpsons go to the Holy Land, Homer is convinced that he is the Messiah. This winds him up in a lot of trouble as the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians all decide to work together to teach Homer a valuable lesson.

Megavideo |…

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The Simpsons -21x15- Stealing First Base

The Simpsons -21×15- Stealing First Base

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

Principal Skinner announces that Mrs. Krabappel was called out of town and budget cuts dictate that, until she returns, the school’s two fourth grade classes will merge. Bart reluctantly shares a desk with Nikki and develops a flirtatious rapport. Ba…

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The Simpsons S21E15

The Simpsons S21E15 

  1. NFO
  2. Category: TV
  3. Air Date: 03/21/10
  4. Release Date: 03/21/10
  5. Video Format: XviD
  6. Size: 175 MB
  7. Language: English
  8. Audio Format: MP3

Additional Info: Stealing first Base
Principal Skinner announces that Mrs. Krabappel was called out of town and budget cuts dictate that, until …

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The Simpsons -21x14- Postcards From the Wedge

The Simpsons -21×14- Postcards From the Wedge

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

When Bart fails to turn in his homework, Mrs. Krabappel sends a letter home about Bart’s behavior. Despite Bart’s best efforts to intercept it, Homer reads the letter, and he and Marge visit Principal Skinner for a parent-teacher conference. Furious…

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The Simpsons -21×13- The Color Yellow

The Simpsons -21×13- The Color Yellow

Watch at Watchseries-online.comWhen Miss Hoover asks her students to research their family history, Lisa is horrified to discover that most of her ancestors were bad people – a motley crew of horse thieves and deadbeats. But while rummaging through the attic, Lisa happens upon a diary kep…

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The Simpsons -21×12- Boy Meets Curl

The Simpsons -21×12- Boy Meets Curl

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

Homer takes Marge out for a romantic evening of ice skating and hand-holding, but upon entering the rink, they encounter a curling team practicing. Marge and Homer take to the ice and discover their love for the sport, and soon after, join the curling team an…

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11x22 Behind The Laughter - S11E22 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x21 It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge - S11E21 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x20 Last Tap Dance In Springfield - S11E20 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x19 Kill The Alligator And Run - S11E19 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x18 Days Of Wine And D'ohses - S11E18 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x17 Bart To The Future - S11E17 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x16 Pygmoelian - S11E16 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x15 Missionary Impossible - S11E15 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x14 Alone Again Natura-diddily - S11E14 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x13 Saddlesore Galactica - S11E13 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x12 The Mansion Family - S11E12 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x11 Faith Off - S11E11 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x10 Little Big Mom - S11E10 - Watch The Simpsons Online

11x09 Grift Of The Magi - S11E9 - Watch The Simpsons Online

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