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It's wonderful that you found your way to my little corner of the web, welcome! While you are here be sure to click around and discover all the little hidden treats we have available for your entertainment. There are no fees, registration forms, surveys, or obtrusive ads here. Most TV Shows and Movies are up to date but that is where you come in. This site is updated because you, the viewer, keep us in the loop. This means if you see an issue like a movie incorrectly dubbed or not playing we depend on you to leave a comment to let us know. All we ask is that you be kind and patient.

We do have a lot of content but it would be impossible to pack it all into these pages so if you have a link or want to do a link dump for a series feel free to leave it in the most relevant comment area you can find. Please do not spam and remember that while we try not to remove comments ones with rude content or links that lead to sites that require fees, registration, or surveys without a warning will most likely be removed.

Most networks now release video and it is 100% Free and Legal to watch. That being said there are always those who get around the "rules". Unfortunately all we do here is host video so we have no knowledge of the videos owners permissions to reproduce video. If you have an issue with a video itself please skip over it and do not support that uploader any longer.

We have tried to keep this site a PS3 friendly. While we do from time to time offer links to zShare or DivXDen know that most of our links and embeded video is from MegaVideo or WiseVid which works well with PS3. If you use a PS3 and enjoy another player we currently do not offer please leave us a comment in any section to let us know so we can try to add it.

Thank you all for viewing, please enjoy the site!

Note to Parents: Although this site is designed to be “Kid Friendly” be sure to check out any and all content that your child might want to watch. My streaming video contents are hosted by third party sites and may nt be what they appear to be. If you find inappropriate content, broken links, and/or have any movie/tv show suggestions please alert us to the issue through leaving a comment. Thank you.


XanderHarris.viviti.com does not host, store, or distribute any of the videos listed on the site and only links to content that is freely available on the Internet. The Xander Harris Zone is not responsible for any of the content that is linked to from the website. If you find fault with any of the content located on third party servers/sites, please contact them for resolution.

That said understand that this site is updated by my mom and she goes at her own pace. She does not watch all the shows so the only way she knows if an episode has a bad link or is the wrong episode for the link listed is if you leave a comment. She will correct any oversights brought to her attention as soon as she can.

For a more immediate response you may want to try the Forum. This is a place set up for members to share and exchange information, ask questions, and further enjoy all the benefits of the site.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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