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Has The WWE Found its Way onto American Idol?

Has The WWE Found its Way onto American Idol?

Recently the WWE has had quite a bit of change happening within its walls. One big change has involved Edge, the rated “R” superstar, turning face again.  For those of you not familiar with pro-wrestling lingo face is slang for good guy and heel stands for bad guy. Many Edgeheads cheer for Edge good or bad, but his fan base has grown as of late. Needless to say Edge has had his share of bad boy behavior and most attribute the recent positive changes for the increase in popularity, however there could be another reason.

When Casey James auditioned for American Idol in Denver, he was asked to remove his shirt. Instantly making this sweet looking American baby faced boy a hit. The judges, especially Kara DioGuardi and Victoria Beckham, wanted to take a close look at this contestant. I wonder if they saw something more then sheer talent. Casey James bares an uncanny resemblance to the WWE’s ultimate opportunist. That alone could help FOX draw a bigger audience to a dwindling ratings game.

Think Casey James is too “American Pie” to be an American Idol Bad Boy? You may be surprised to learn that Casey James has a criminal background. He served time in county jail for driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving.

I wonder if Casey James will guest host on WWE in the near future? What do you think?

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