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Blog posts : "Shameless"

Shameless -7x11- Episode 11

Shameless -7×11- Episode 11

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

Liam becomes friends was a second world war veteran called Reggie after he needs help with a school project. There a tragic confrontation between the Gallaghers and Reggie after Libby jumps to the wrong conclusion after seeing Liam with Reggie. Maxine finds her f…

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Shameless -7x10- Episode 10

Shameless -7×10- Episode 10

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

Shane learns that he has been firing blanks and Kelly resigns herself to a future with no children. The Maguire men try and help Shane with his problem. Liam offers Kelly his support. After Carl and Chesney return to the estate and they hide out in Joe’s storeroo…

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Shameless S07E10 and Shameless S07E10

Shameless S07E10 and Shameless S07E10

  1. NFO
  2. Category: TV/HD
  3. Air Date: 03/23/10
  4. Release Date: 03/23/10
  5. Video Format: XviD/x264
  6. Size: 350 MB/1.09 GB
  7. Language: English
  8. Audio Format: MP3/AC3

Additional Info: Shane learns that he has been firing blanks and Kelly resigns herself to a future with no …

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Shameless -7x9- Episode 9

Shameless -7×9- Episode 9

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

Carl and Chesney are offered sanctuary by a mysterious woman on a Welsh farm. They soon learn though that they are the prime suspects for Bonehead’s murder. Ian decides to confront Jimmy to get the truth out of him about the murder. Micky and Liam are chosen by the…

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Shameless -7x8- Episode 8

Shameless -7×8- Episode 8

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

The Maguire family exploit a new money-making scheme. Shane asks Kelly to marry him but she turns him down. Shane discovers a betrayal from within his own family. Chesney decides to hold a house party so that he can try and get closer to Sammy.

Wisevid | zSHARE | DivxD…

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