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Blog posts : "JONAS"

JONAS -1×20- Beauty and the Beat

JONAS -1×20- Beauty and the Beat

Watch at Watchseries-online.com

After Nick, Joe and Kevin accept a request to be judges on “Miss Most Amazing Teen Competition”, Stella decides to prove that she could be a pagent girl as well.

zSHARE / Wisevid / DivxDen / Megaupload

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JONAS 1x19 Cold Shoulder

Kevin is shocked when his Norwegian sweetheart Anya dumps him, so Stella investigates the reason behind the break up.

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JONAS 1x18 Double Date

After Joe smugly informs her that she shouldn’t be pushing Van Dyke away on his account, Stella agrees to Van Dyke’s offer of an evening on the town. Nick’s special cookies turn Kevin into a human cookie monster.

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JONAS 1x17 The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse

When Kevin thinks there’s a ghost in the firehouse, he enlists Stella, Joe and Nick to help him find it. They don’t think there is a ghost until Nick disappears.

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JONAS 1x16 Forgetting Stella’s Birthday

JONAS, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas

It’s Stella’s birthday! and she wants nothing else other than having her best buds on her birthday party. But Kevin, Joe and Nick may turn out to be party poopers and break the heart of their friend Stella when their record label invites them to attend an important music event on the same…

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JONAS 1x15 Home Not Alone

The Jonas boys gives their parents a surprise weekend get-away gift, and that leave the all four hunky males home alone for the first time. Kevin, Joe and Nick determined to follow the rules set by their parents while enjoying their freedom. The mess starts when the when their youngest brother Fran…

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JONAS 1x14 Karaoke Surprise

For their 15th Friendship Anniversary, Joe suggests to throw a party for Stella and enlists the help of Macy. The more time Joe and Macy spend together makes Stella suspicious and jealous, and she believes that the two are dating.She attempts to get it out of Joe and Macy. While running after Macy…

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JONAS 1x13 Detention

Joe tries to prove to a classmate that he doesn’t get special treatment after she is given detention and he is let off the hook for accidentally setting off the fire alarm. Meanwhile, Macy (Anderson) helps Stella (Staub), who is terrible at sports, fulfill her P.E. requirement.

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JONAS 1x12 Frantic romantic

After a chance encounter on the red carpet, the tabloids have labeled Joe and diva actress Fiona Skye (guest star Sara Paxton) as a couple. While Fiona is happy with the boost to her career, Joe enlists Kevin, Nick, Stella (Staub) and Macy (Anderson) to break-up the fictional relationship.

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JONAS 1x11 the three musketeers

The acting bug bites Kevin, Joe and Nick, compelling them to join the school production of “The Three Musketeers”. When Joe decides that the theater life isn’t for him after all, his understudy and arch rival Van Dyke steps in to the role. Macy believes that luck, rather than talent, is the …

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JONAS 1x10 Love sick

Joe becomes anxious after his brothers suggest that Stella wants to be more than friends with him, because she asked him to accompany her to a fashion event. Macy is thrilled that Randolph wants to take her on a date, but he begins to regret asking her when she tries to turn him into a Lucas broth…

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JONAS 1x09 Complete Repeat

Nick experiences writer’s block as part of a really bad day. When he falls asleep, he dreams of writing a great song but can’t remember it once he wakes up, so Joe and Kevin try to re-create Nick’s bad day to help him remember.

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JONAS 1x08 That ding you do

Joe joins the schools orchestra to impress his crush and being the good brothers that they are, Kevin and Nick have to help him develop a classical piece to prove he is a serious musician. Meanwhile, Stella (Chelsea Staub) bets Macy (Nicole Anderson) that she can avoid texting longer than Macy can…

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JONAS 1x07 Fashion victim

Joe gets jealous when Stella goes on a date with another guy, so he calls for an emergency fashion meeting, ruining Stella’s date. In turn, Stella gives Joe a bad outfit to wear when meeting the prime minister.

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JONAS 1x06 Chasing the dream

When the boys lose their backup singer, JONAS fan Macy jumps at the chance to be in her favorite band. During their first session, however, it becomes painfully clear that Macy has no singing ability. Frankie puts his own unique stamp on a new line of JONAS merchandise.

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JONAS 1x05 Band’s best friend

The Lucases‘ childhood friend Carl comes to visit them but manipulates their popularity for his own gain. Meanwhile Stella is furious with Macy for buying a collector JONAS potato chip that has a resemblance to Joe.

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JONAS 1x04 Keeping it real

After the guys start using their celebrity status to goof off at school, Sandy comes up with a plan to bring them back down to earth. Macy clashes with a pre teen over who is the biggest JONAS band fan.

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JONAS 1x03 Slice of life (Pizza girl)

Joe, Nick, and Kevin all fall for the same girl who happens to be the pizza girl. As a result they find themselves in a tight situation by ordering too much pizza just to see her. Meanwhile, Frankie was asked out by a girl on a playdate and asked Stella what to wear to the date.

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JONAS 1x02 Groovy Movies

Nick, Kevin, and Joe put together a home video of childhood memories for their mother’s birthday after ruining them when they tried baking a cake.

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JONAS 1x01 Wrong Song

Nick falls in love with Penny, a girl who also plays guitar and writes songs. Joe and Kevin worry Nick is moving too fast with her when he writes her a song. When Nick hears Penny perform the song and dedicate it to her boyfriend Jimmy, Nick is heartbroken. Elsewhere, Stella has Macy test the new c…

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