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Mayor Marilyn ties to put a positive spin on the execution, saying it marks a new future for Shuckton. Crim has his last meal, and confesses to a Priest/Rabbi/Tribal Elder that he does not have any First Nations background. Death checks out of his motel in preparation for the execution. Marilyn reveals that executions will become Shuckton’s new major trade, including talks to build a theme-park around them in Shuckton. Death kills Buttonhole, who begs for it, which disgusts Death, and receives a message that Crim is next. Ricky and Marnie race to execution. Murray is dismayed at missing Buttonhole’s passing, but he and Buttonhole’s nurse begin a relationship. Crim’s execution begins, revealing that Crim has chosen to die by pulsating light due to his epilepsy, but Marnie and Ricky arrive in the nick of time to stop the execution, and accuse Marilyn of killing Larry, only to have Marnie reveal that she is the murderer.

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