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A Real Work From Home Job!

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Guru's Hit Squad Link Adding Team - APPLY NOW!!

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Yes. For the time that PiraCee and I ran this site, and now SYM, we have done all the adding to other link sites ourselves. So whoever does lineup is responsible for not only responding to users and problems, and finding and adding the videos but they also have to post each link they get to five other link sites.

That means 1 person does

- On average there are anywhere from 15 to 25 shows a day with lineup and ones that hit in the afternoons, and we add the video page links to 5 sites, as you will see below, so thats roughly 100-120 Posted links each night...By ONE PERSON...lol

And That Person, usually me has to add the video page links to all of these sites below

- http://www.Alluc.Org -- Need Your Own Account
- " Alluc.Org Forum (Mercury Forums) " -- Need Your Own Account
- http://www.Sidereel.Com -- Use a Facebook Profile to log on
- http://www.TvDuck.Com -- Dont need account unless adding pages
- http://www.Show-Links.Tv -- Dont need account unless adding pages

It's Pretty Simple

- We need people at all times of the day, for adding links from lineups to adding backseasons we have at re1ease to sidereel, or alluc, which willl in turn bring more people

- Once you have the link copied for a certain show you make your way around the link sites, doing the higher priority sites first (SR/Alluc) adding the links there, then you make your way to the lower priority less viewed sites and do the same.

- The KEY is to make sure that RIGHT AFTER we add the show to the mainsite you get right on adding it to the link sites, because the higher up on the pedestal on those sites the more hits you get, as people are waiting on the edge of there computer chairs for the first link, So if you take this job you need to make sure you are the kind of person that can be here Monday - Friday from 9:00 EST - 12:00 EST. or so and that is when all the hits come. That is Primetime
What You Need to be able To Bring to the Table

- Be here Monday - Friday from 8:30 p.m - 12:00 am. EST USA , and be ready to add showlinks from re1ease just seconds after them hitting the mainsite
- A dedicated hard working attitude, and an ability to take direction from administrators
- Be able to add a certain amount of show back seasons for the time you are part of the hit squad
- Be somewhat skilled in Scene, and navigating link sites, + know a little about Television shows as a whole
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